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“Run home, Jack!”

Because I love movies, because this is MY blog, and because I think this will be fun, I’ve decided to do “Movie Mondays”.

And because this is July 13th (the anniversary of Babe Ruth’s 700th Home Run), and because we’re in the midst of baseball season, and because my dad and my offspring LOVE baseball even though it is the MOST boring sport in the world, and because I like making lists because it gives me a false sense of organization, I present to you the first installment of MOVIE MONDAYS.

My Top 10 Baseball Movie List for People (Like Me) Who Don’t Like Baseball

NUMBER 10 – The Rookie
Sure, it’s formulaic on multiple levels, but because Dennis Quaid is nice, and because the movie is nice, and because I like a “nice guys win” true story movie, this makes the list.

NUMBER 9 – Rookie of the Year
Because it’s sooooo fun to watch with your kids… especially if your kids are always stuck in right field.

NUMBER 8 – Fever Pitch
Because it’s Jimmy Fallon.  Not at all “ew”.

NUMBER 7 – Field of Dreams
This film makes the list for two reasons.  One, because Kevin Costner made 37 sports movies, and I don’t want to snub him entirely because, after all, he was Robin Hood; and two, because it has the feel of something Jimmy Stewart would star in had it been made in 1945.  Sort of a “Mr. Smith Goes to Iowa” thing.

NUMBER 6 – Hook
“Run home, Jack!”
Shut up.  It can SO count as a baseball movie if I want it to.

NUMBER 5 – Trouble with the Curve
Because I like to imagine Dirty Harry recruiting baseball players.  “Do ya feel lucky?”

NUMBER 4 – A League of Their Own
Because “There’s no crying in baseball!!!”
just a lot of sexism, ugly uniforms, and Tom Hanks peeing for 49 seconds.

NUMBER 3 – Moneyball  
Because any movie about both sports AND numbers, that still manages to be fascinating deserves to be #3 on the list.

NUMBER 2 – 42
42. 42. 42.  If you haven’t seen this, you are missing out.  GREAT film.


NUMBER 1 – The Sandlot
Because this is a completely watchable, wonderful movie.  Darth Vader vs. The Boys of Summer.  If you haven’t seen it… “You’re killin’ me, Smalls!”



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